These laws could make life a little easier for low-income Californians

calmatters – excerpt

A suite of low-profile bills could help millions of people. Think of them as a bit like aspirin: They don’t get at the roots of poverty but they could relieve some of the pain.

Lawmakers have passed a suite of bills that aim to ease financial burdens for Californians living paycheck to paycheck.

While several new California laws have sparked national attention — such as the law that will convert gig economy workers into full employees and another to cap large rent increases — state legislators quietly approved dozens of other bills that address challenges faced by California’s poor…

As usual, many of the more ambitious proposals never made it to the governor’s desk. Take a bill that would have required counties to increase participation in CalFresh, California’s food stamp program, to 95% by 2024 — up from 72% at the state’s last count in 2017 — but was quietly snuffed in the final weeks of the legislative session. In addition, a bill that would have made it difficult to tow the vehicles of people who live in them failed. Cities, law enforcement agencies and real estate lobbies opposed it…

Check back at for updates on our running tally leading up to the Oct. 13 deadline

Protecting the last $1,724 in your bank account..

Fending off predatory lenders..

Banning discrimination against Section 8 tenants..

Getting more children on CalFresh... (more)

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