Majority of L.A. County voters say taxpayer money on homelessness isn’t spent effectively, Times poll finds

By Doug Smith and Benjamin Oreskes : latimes – excerpt

While 68% thought that allowing higher-density, mixed-income housing near transit would be effective and 63% favored letting developers construct larger buildings along major commercial corridors, only 43% favored building apartments on single-family lots.

As homelessness has exploded in Los Angeles in recent years, taxpayers have been willing to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on housing, shelters and services to help get people off the streets.

But a new poll shows that a broad majority of voters think the city and county have been ineffective in spending that money and that new policies are needed to address a crisis that they now equate with a natural disaster.

The poll, conducted for the Los Angeles Times and the Los Angeles Business Council Institute of 901 voters registered countywide, found that Angelenos are generally frustrated and impatient with the government’s response to homelessness.

When asked what should be done — without consideration to cost — respondents strongly supported a grab bag of strategies, most of which are already being considered or implemented to some extent. … (more)

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