Marin Voice: New bill means saying goodbye to single-family zoning

By Sharon Rushton : marinij – excerpt

Assembly Bill 68, entitled “Land Use: Accessory Dwelling Units,” is one of the new housing bills that Gov. Newsom recently signed. It is an example of the State Legislature’s poor planning.

This detrimental bill eliminates single family zoning and enables the transformation of beneficial accessory dwelling units (second units and granny flats) into overcrowded multifamily triplexes with potentially multiple adverse impacts…

Unfortunately, by stripping away local control, community engagement, and environmental review related to second units, AB 68 goes too far.

Before adoption of the bill, a locality could choose whether or not to allow ADUs and if so, could set appropriate development standards (parking standards, setbacks, allowable density, height, for example).

In contrast, the new law requires jurisdictions to “ministerially” allow a homeowner, in single family neighborhoods, to build a detached backyard residence that is at least 800-square-feet and 16-feet-high with only four-foot side and rear setbacks, as well as convert a garage, office or spare room into a third living space. The size of the two additional units can be over and above the existing allowable square footage for the primary home…

It is important to note that Marin’s representatives, Sen. Mike McGuire and Assemblymember Marc Levine, voted for AB 68. This is despite the fact that most Marin residents greatly value single-family neighborhoods.

If you agree, please contact McGuire at (916) 651-4002 and Levine at (916) 319-2010. Let them know you are disappointed that they voted for AB-68… (more)

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