Need to Protect Installed Solar Systems

December 9, 2019


re: Consider Legislation to protect installed solar rooftop systems

Please consider legislation to protect installed solar rooftop systems as you move forward legislation to required them.

As we celebrate the record number of solar panel installations in California, we need to consider what can to done legislatively to protect the installed systems and keep them functioning at the most efficient levels possible.

Solar works in the fog and the rain and cold but it doesn’t wok in shade. We understand their are newer systems function better under partial shade conditions than the traditional ones, but the ones in operation now do not.

Please consider the importance of keeping the solar systems functioning as you work on legislation to require installations. We have done some investigations and discovered legislation written and in use for years by the city of Santa Cruz. We can share our findings with you if that will help move San Francisco legislation forward.

Please share message with your colleagues and staff. Expanding solar installations and local energy grid systems should be considered as a primary method to remove the threat of wildfires and cut the use of non-renewal fuels.


Mari Eliza, concerned citizen and long-time solar panel owner

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