State intervenes in San Mateo housing case that could have major implications

By Emily Deruy : eastbaytimes – excerpt

The city denied a housing proposal, but top state officials argue the city didn’t have that right

California’s top cop is siding with housing advocacy groups in a Bay Area lawsuit that could have major implications in the battle for control over where and how new homes are built.

Attorney General Xavier Becerra on Tuesday announced that he, along with Gov. Gavin Newsom, had filed to intervene in a dispute over a San Mateo condominium proposal to defend a statewide housing law.

A couple of years ago, the Peninsula suburb’s city council rejected a proposal for a 10-unit development at W. Santa Inez Avenue and busy El Camino Real. The council said the condo proposal violated the city’s design guidelines aimed at limiting height differences among nearby properties…

“We’re concerned that the reasoning from this decision could be used to undermine efforts like SB 50,” said Dylan Casey, the executive director of the California Legal Advocacy and Education Fund, (CaRLA) a lead plaintiff in the case, referencing a controversial proposal from state Sen. Scott Wiener that would force cities to allow denser housing development.

Casey said his organization was pleased to hear about Becerra intervening, meaning the attorney general’s team will have the ability to argue the case like a co-plaintiff…(more)

Another politician that may need to go? They are showing their colors and the voters will not be pleased once they understand the game plan.

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