‘Yes, they could shut down this city’: Ruling clears path for San Francisco city workers to strike

By Joe Eskenazi : missionlocal – excerpt

L’affaire Mohammed Nuru, like an earthquake, was both destructive and predictable. It’s pretty much all that anyone at City Hall could think about last week (“Please talk into my lapel pin,” was a joke that induced nervous laughter when addressing public officials).

This is all understandable: Federal raids, an alleged John Deere tractor bribe, revelations of rampant, casual corruption — you know, a lotta ins, lotta outs, lotta what-have-yous.

So, a lot of folks in City Hall were blessedly unaware of a Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) ruling that began hitting local desks on Jan. 21 — the same day FBI agents arrested Nuru (for the first time)…

“Yes,” concurred a knowledgeable city source who did see the January ruling. “They could shut down the city.”…

The balance of power in labor-management relations has shifted, and the theory of deterrence will soon be tested.…(more)

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