California’s largest school bond in history headed for defeat

By Jill Tucker : sfchronicle – excerpt

The largest school facility bond in state history appeared headed for defeat Tuesday, falling short of the simple majority needed despite bipartisan support and little formal opposition.

Proposition 13 — unrelated to the same-numbered 1978 tax measure — would push $15 billion in bonds to California’s schools, public universities and community colleges to upgrade facilities and build new ones.

The measure was losing with 56% of voters opposing it, although there were still a significant number of votes still left to count.

It would be the first time voters rejected an education facilities bond in more than two decades…(more)

Some people are feeling tax fatigue and this bond required local governments to pony up matching funds. Voters are getting the message that bonds are not free or cheap and they are losing trust in the authorities to use the money wisely. When they are promised road and bridge repairs and see no improvements they are feeling the burn.

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