New bill would let California churches build affordable housing on their property

By Emily Deruy : marinij – excerpt

State Sen. Scott Wiener unveils measure

Under a new proposal, churches, synagogues and mosques would be able to build affordable housing on their property even if zoning laws don’t allow it.

State Sen. Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco) this week introduced legislation that would allow faith institutions and nonprofit hospitals to build housing for low-income residents where local regulations have long created roadblocks that have left religious leaders searching for options…(more)

SB-899 This bill would require that a housing development project be a use by right upon the request of a nonprofit hospital, nonprofit diagnostic or treatment center, nonprofit rehabilitation facility, nonprofit nursing home, or religious institution that partners with a qualified developer on any land owned in fee simple by the applicant if the development satisfies specified criteria. The bill would define various terms for these purposes.

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