Wiener’s New Housing Plan: Allow For More Duplexes, Fourplexes Statewide

CBSlocal – excerpt

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) – State Sen. Scott Wiener has unveiled his latest attempt to boost housing production in California amid the state’s ongoing housing crisis, weeks after a major housing bill he authored was defeated in the legislature.

Wiener (D-San Francisco) unveiled Senate Bill 902 on Monday, which would allow for the building duplex, triplex or fourplex homes in lower density neighborhoods by right, depending on the size of the community.

Duplexes would be allowed in communities with fewer than 10,000 people, while triplexes would be allowed in communities between 10,000 and 50,000 residents. Fourplexes would be allowed in cities with over 50,000 people. Areas at high risk for wildfires would be exempt…(more)

Not too many people are going to be jumping into risky building projects for a while. We need for our Sacramento politicians to protect the struggling gig workers and small businesses that are at risk of failing instead of playing gentrification games right now. We need legislation to protect California residents from the lenders waiting to pounce on their homes as soon as they miss a payment. How many loans are in danger of defaulting this year?

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