Hand Sanitizer Mini-Factories Popping Up Around Bay Area

By Sam Lew : sfpublicpress – excerpt

Murph Finnicum’s San Mateo garage looks like a scientist’s underground laboratory might. There are gallons of isopropyl alcohol, floors sticky with glycerin, shelves scattered with half-filled beakers and cylinders of mysterious mixtures.

In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, Finnicum’s home has transformed into a makeshift hand-sanitizer workshop that has produced 400 eight-ounce bottles of the liquid gold to donate to community groups around the Bay Area — with plans to fill up 700 more.

“It started out as a joke, but then I thought, ‘I could really do this,’” said Finnicum, after seeing that hand sanitizer was sold out both online and in stores a few weeks ago. “If someone uses it and doesn’t get sick, you’re saving lives, you’re reducing the spread of the disease.”…(more)

We are hearing stories of people sewing masks, manufacturers building respirators, and distilleries producing sanitizing products. The public is reacting to the crisis with ingenious ways. Now we just need to better understand the importance of social distancing to get past this health crisis. It would help if the government would take a reasonable approach as well.

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