Why clerks won’t bag your reusable tote at Safeway, other stores any more

By Mike Moffitt : sfgate – excerpt

A Safeway customer who couldn’t understand why a checker refused to bag her groceries turned to Nextdoor for an explanation. In a post Friday to her Pacifica and Daly City neighbors, she quoted the cashier as saying, “You’ll have to bag your own groceries, we were told we can make the decision ourselves.”…

Remember the old days — three weeks ago — when shopping with a reusable bag was the environmentally responsible thing to do? Reducing plastic waste is, after all, a primary goal of waste collection and recycling centers, including Recology in San Francisco.

Now stores are worried that reusable bags might endanger both employees and customers because they could potentially transmit SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19… (more)

Supervisors need to make a public announcement to let the public know about this change in policy and they should rescind the rule that requires stores to charge for new bags. Rethink the policy later.


Grocery workers are beginning to die of coronavirus
By Abha Bhattarai, : TheWashingtonPost – excerpt

Major supermarket chains are beginning to report their first coronavirus-related employee deaths, leading to store closures and increasing anxiety among grocery workers as the pandemic intensifies across the country…(more)


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