Green Space: Ways to stay environmentally conscious during the pandemic

By Robyn Purchia : sfexaminer – excerpt

Protecting public health can seem more important than reducing plastic these days…

Protecting public health can seem more important than reducing plastic these days. Even in environmentally conscious San Francisco, shoppers are buying more disposable cleaning wipes, masks and gloves. The plastic-free, bulk food section at Rainbow Grocery is closed during the pandemic. City officials un-banned plastic bags, claiming they were safer for people than reusable totes… (more)

Same as it every was. This pandemic gives us a chance to re-examiner the need to change the way we “save the planet”. Banning essentials is not, and never was the answer to dealing with products in the market place. The answer lies on the manufacture side. It always has. Government needs to incentivize industries to design new materials with the characteristics of plastics and other unwanted products, that do not create the monsters we need to banish from the planet. We need to re-examiner our use of plant based materials such as paper and glass that may be less hazardous and more re-usable than plastic. For this we need more scientists and less programmers. We need more chemists and doctors and less game designers and marketeers. Hopefully the education system will be able to change itself to help society train the future workforce we need and try to instill in people a better sense of public service than the get-rich-quick priorities we have seen in recent years.

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