In the city’s biggest study to date, researchers test 4,204 people in the Mission District for COVID-19

By Lydia Chávez and Julian Mark : missionlocal – excerpt

Update, Wednesday, April 29, 5:54 p.m.

In an extraordinary effort, UCSF researchers and volunteers tested 4,204 people over four days who live or work in the Mission District, according to Diane Jones, a retired HIV nurse and the liaison with the UCSF researchers and the Latino Task Force.

In the final day of testing on Tuesday, 1,701 people showed up for tests — the biggest one-day number over the four days. Some of the increase came by extending the area beyond the original census tract, 229.01, to include some surrounding blocks.

To put those numbers in perspective, San Francisco has tested 17,718 residents since the pandemic began, well under 1,000 a day. Although Dr. Susan Philip, with the San Francisco Department of Public Health, said last week that the city’s daily testing capacity is now 4,300, actual tests remain well below that number.…(more)

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