Green Space: Stop taking trees down

By Robyn Purchia : sfexaminer – excerpt

Growing SF’s urban canopy provides economic, environmental benefits

Earlier this month, tree advocates notified the San Francisco City Attorney that the Department of Public Works “is exhibiting a pattern and practice of disregard” of San Francisco law. The group pointed to notice violations that occurred prior to a May 11, 2020 tree removal hearing, and alleged that violations often occur in conjunction with large construction projects.

“During this unprecedented combined crisis of a pandemic during a climate emergency — notably mature tree canopy provides relief for both — we must guard against actions taken in the ‘fog of war’ that needlessly endanger future public health with mass, expedient tree removal,” Kasey Asberry and Josh Klipp of Demonstration Gardens – Healthy Street Trees Initiative wrote.… (more)

People have been complaining about illegal tree removal for years. Hopefully someone will do something to put a stop to the practice. Private citizens can face stiff penalties for not purchasing a permit to take down a tree on their property but city agencies and large private developers cut trees down with complete disregard for the consequences.

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