How a Ragtag Coalition Stops Skyscrapers in Hollywood

By Jill Stewart and David Futch : laweekly – excerpt
UPDATED Nov. 14: The California Supreme Court has denied Target’s request to resume construction of its unfinished store on Sunset Boulevard while it appeals a Superior Court ruling that halted work there in mid-August. See details below.

Robert P. Silverstein must be one lucky man. He has faced down the City of Los Angeles, its teams of attorneys, its deep pockets. And five times in front of five different judges, Silverstein has prevailed in his legal battle against Mayor Eric Garcetti’s push to transform Hollywood into a kind of dense, Century City–meets–Warner Center skyscraper zone.

Then last week, Mother Nature herself sided with the slight but fiery Silverstein.

An official “earthquake fault zone” map, released by the California State Geologist, officially determined that an active surface-rupture fault snakes from the eastern border of West Hollywood through Hollywood and Los Feliz to Atwater Village, running beneath scores of old, low-slung Hollywood buildings and parcels that investors have been buying — or eyeing — with hopes of clearing the land and bringing in more dense development.

But geologists say the Hollywood earthquake fault is powerful enough to split in half any building sitting atop it. The state’s official geological map has thrown into legal doubt the future of a number of plans that now exist only on paper, including the Millennium Hollywood project, whose New York developers want to erect twin 35- and 39-story skyscrapers next to the Capitol Records building…(more)

State Says Active Hollywood Earthquake Fault Runs Under Millennium and Other Choice Land: Map.

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