Cortese List Data Resources

The EPA has a list of known toxic sites based on historical use . This is a good place to start investigating the condition and mitigation measures suggested for those site prior to development on them.

  • PLEASE NOTE: This list contains many Cease and Desist Orders and Cleanup and Abatement Orders that do NOT concern the discharge of wastes that are hazardous materials. Many of the listed orders concern, as examples, discharges of domestic sewage, food processing wastes, or sediment that do not contain hazardous materials, but the Water Boards’ database does not distinguish between these types of orders. If there is a question about whether a specific order concerns the discharge of wastes that are hazardous materials, please contact the applicable Regional Water Board.
  • List of hazardous waste facilities subject to corrective action pursuant to Section 25187.5 of the Health and Safety Code, identified by DTSC.

For more information regarding the “Cortese List” statute, go to Background and History.

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