SF apartment smoking ban proposal includes cannabis; draws opposition

by John Ferrannin : ebay – excerpt

Progressive LGBTQs are making known their opposition to a proposal in San Francisco that would ban people from smoking tobacco and cannabis in their apartments.

San Francisco Board of Supervisors President Norman Yee introduced the legislation, which also includes vaping, that applies to apartment buildings of three or more units.

Yee wrote the ordinance over concern of secondhand smoke traveling into other units.

Yee’s plan includes an exemption for medical marijuana, but that doesn’t satisfy opponents…

Goldman alleges Yee’s proposed legislation would run afoul of Prop 64, because cannabis use is only allowed under Prop 64 in private residences and certain private venues.

“I find it amazing Supervisor Yee is promoting this,” Goldman said, adding that encouraging people to switch to edibles is not a good alternative for those who need quick relief from symptoms they are using cannabis to treat.

The offices of Yee, Supervisor Dean Preston, and Mayor London Breed did not respond to requests for comment…(more)

I find it amazing that anyone would suggest eating cannabis instead of smoking it. If they had ever eaten it if they would know better. Eating it is much less predictable than smoking it. That should be obvious from the effects it has on kids that accidentally eat it. Putting novices in charge of a product they own nothing about is absurd. This bill is absurd. We fought for the right to keep government out of our homes and this is not the time to invite them in or turn neighbors into spies. We need a return to freedom and unity not more divisive city ordinances.

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