Battling for local control over California, Bay Area development

By Louis Hansen : marinij – excerpt

Retired planner opposes high density development in single-family neighborhoods

T. Keith Gurnee was an urban planner for four decades, working in California communities up and down the coast.

Gurnee, originally from Atherton, wanted to be an architect when he started college at Cal Poly in the 1960s. He quickly felt he could have a greater impact on a community by becoming an urban planner. His projects helped re-design the waterfronts of Pismo Beach, Morro Bay and Avila Beach.

Now, in a busy retirement, he’s become a board member of Livable California, a statewide grassroots, slow-growth movement fighting for local control over development decisions. Gurnee writes position papers and lobbies lawmakers to protect the rights of cities in the midst of the housing crisis.

To pro-growth and housing advocacy groups, Livable California is the embodiment of statewide NIMBY-ism. For Gurnee, the fight is over the self-determination of cities…(more)

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