Stop the Delta Tunnel

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Subject: Re: The BIG VOTE Is Here to #StopTheDeltaTunnel

Hi folks, it seems that MWD staff have been calling the board members behind the scenes and pushing for Option #1, the worst option- to pay for MWD and Kern’s portions of tunnel research, at $75 million. We need to step it up and unleash a Twitter and Facebook comment storm today to apply some pressure, and of course, make sure you call in tomorrow and give public comment that they must choose Option #4- NO TUNNEL.


This is it folks, the BIG VOTE on the Delta Tunnel. This is our last chance, and the biggest chance, of 2020 to kill this terrible project. This Tuesday, December 8, MWD at 12pm has an important vote. Tell them to #StopTheDeltaTunnel and vote for Option #4- no Delta Tunnel!

Click here to call at 12pm Tuesday:

Click here for talking points (also included in the link above):

Click here to send an email to the board:

Click here to tell Mayor Garcetti to oppose the Delta Tunnel

Click here to learn more:

Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks folks, enjoy your weekend!

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