Community groups suing in effort to stop UCSF Parnassus expansion

By Madeleine Beck : sfexaminer – excerpt

Three community groups are filing lawsuits in an attempt to stop the planned expansion of the University of California, San Francisco’s Parnassus campus.

San Franciscans for Balanced and Livable Communities, the Parnassus Neighborhood Coalition and The Yerba Buena Neighborhood Consortium allege that the environmental impacts that will be caused by the expansion were understated by the university, and suggest that the expansion would be better suited to the existing Mission Bay campus.

“The aim of the lawsuits is not to stop this project, but to make it work for all of us,” said former Mayor Art Agnos, who has joined neighborhood leaders pursuing citywide efforts to change the plan…(more)

Did not see this one coming. One more area of concern over the State control over our local decision-making process that may hit some new legal notes and raise some old issues at a time when the state is under much scrutiny with the recall efforts and the YIMBY/NIMBY over dense development becoming more heated as our state Senator goes after single family homes and neighborhoods, where most people live. UC is one of the most powerful organizations in the state. Challenging that power is a big lift.

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