Affordable Housing Project Polarizes Sunset District Neighbors

By Matthew Hose : sfrichmondreview – excerpt

San Francisco officials have unveiled plans to build a seven-story apartment building with 100% affordable housing on Irving Street at 26th Avenue.

The development, which is planned at 2550 Irving St. – currently the site of the Police Credit Union – could include up to 100 housing units at various levels of affordability, with 20% of the units reserved for families currently experiencing homelessness.

At a Jan. 23 virtual meeting, Sunset residents had polarized opinions about the proposed project, with some raising concerns about the building’s height, congestion in the neighborhood and the demographics, while others offered full support…(more)

We discovered that this project is on the Cortese list of contaminated sites. Hoping that will get the attention of the Board of Supervisors who just voted to support SB 37, a new Cortese bill meant to strengthen the original Cortese bill, written by son of the first Cortese.

Other issues are the tall building would shadow the solar panels of nearby neighbors to the north of the proposed 7 story building. Neighbors prefer a 4 story building.

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