Stop misleading housing bills

By Linda Koelling : smdailyjournal – excerpt


If you think that Senate bills 9 and 10 are the answer to the affordable housing needs, I invite you to consider the facts. Housing affordability and homelessness are said to be among the most critical issues facing California cities. The Legislature continues to introduce housing bills that remove local zoning control from cities and evade citizen input.

The results of these bills will create significant, environmental impacts. Where will the funds come from for municipalities’ ability to provide and maintain the additional infrastructure, and public services required for water, schools, sewer treatment, roads, police, fire? Can we expect an increase in taxes to meet the requirements for the additional infrastructure needs? If so, then what is the use of having affordable housing when the cost of living in the area will be too high for anyone to handle. It makes no sense!…


SB 9: Ends single-family zoning;

SB 9: Allows 4-6 units of housing on single-family lots;

SB 9: Allows the splitting of every single-family lot in California;

SB 10: Allows up to 10 units per parcel in any residential area (job-rich, transit-rich) ;

SB 10: Allows local councils to remove any land use initiative without the vote of the people;

SB 9 SB 10: Cause mass removal of our trees;

SB 9 SB 10: Eliminate yards and permeable soil protection;

SB 9 SB 10: No affordable units required;

SB 9 SB 10: No infrastructure upgrades required; and

SB 9 SB 10: No CEQA environmental review required.

Who are our leaders really representing? No on SB 9 and SB 10

Linda Koelling, Foster City

The letter writer is the former mayor of Foster City…(more)

SB9 is the brainchild of Senator Atkins and Senator Winer gets credit for comping up with SB10. Together they will spell the death knell of the single family homes and neighborhoods in our state and make the security of home ownership more difficult for anyone who is not lucky enough to own a home yet. SB10 will remove citizen’s ability to enforce ballot initiatives that their local authorities don’t approve of. And this doesn’t event take into account what the Assembly is cooking up for us.

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