California Has Millions of Acre-feet of Water Waiting to Be Built

By Evan Harris : capoliticalreview – excerpt

As part of its May Revise rollout, the Newsom administration announced $5.1 billion for water infrastructure and drought response. While the announcement invests on funding better data collection, continuing the implementation of Sustainable Groundwater Management Act, or SGMA, and maintaining current water infrastructure, nothing in Newsom’s proposed funding will solve the real problem facing California: lack of sufficient water supply.

Steven Greenhut, author of the PRI book Winning the Water Wars, talked about Newsom’s proposed water spending on Valley Public Radio recently, saying “a lot of it is about information and conservation, and I’m not against any of these things…but my argument in my writing is we need to promote long-term policies of water abundance that put more water into the state’s giant plumbing system.”…

With millions of acre-feet underfunded and waiting to be built, Newsom and his administration should put the construction of these water projects front in center in his water plan. Anything less threatens the stability of Californians and its delicate water infrastructure.

Evan Harris is the media relations and outreach manager for PRI.

This article was originally published by the Pacific Research Institute(more)

Enough has been spent on data gathering. It is past time to act. We don’t need the water in 10 years. We need it today. Somehow, Sacramento has slipped into a time warp where everything is future perfect tense. They forgot how to live in the present, as in RIGHT NOW.

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