The Draft EIR for Plan Bay Area 2050

Opinion: Too many loose ends and unanswered questions regarding data

The Draft EIR for Plan Bay Area 2050 programmatically assesses and discloses the potential environmental impacts of implementing the proposed Plan, including: housing and economic strategies to accommodate forecasted regional growth; transportation strategies to invest expected forecasted transportation revenues; and environmental strategies to protect the region from future sea level rise inundation. The Draft EIR also recommends measures to mitigate any significant adverse impacts and analyzes a reasonable range of alternatives to the proposed Plan…

They did not correctly forecast the growth of population or transportation revenues and anybody who thinks they can stop the sea level rise from inundation is really high. So, if whatever they do is based on what they have already done, it appears to be pie-in-the-sky planning.

“The Draft EIR identifies the potential for significant effects…” but since there is no way to mitigate those effects we will accept them, and avoid letting the public know what to expect.

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