Berkeley Citizens for a Better Plan files CEQA lawsuit against UC Regents

Theo Wyss-Flamm/Staff, dailycal – excerpt

Berkeley Citizens for a Better Plan, or BC4BP, filed a California Environmental Quality Act, or CEQA, lawsuit against the UC Board of Regents over UC Berkeley’s Long Range Development Plan, or LRDP, on Aug. 19.

The LRDP outlines strategies for how campus plans to address shortages in student housing and improve transportation and infrastructure between now and the 2036-37 academic year.

According to BC4BP’s attorney Leila Moncharsh, UC Berkeley failed to adequately address key environmental concerns, such as detailed measures of exhaust and greenhouse gases that would be released through the addition of housing units, from its Environmental Impact Report, or EIR.

“We like our quality of life in Berkeley; we don’t want it to be degraded,” Moncharsh said. “We’re going to do our very best for the community in Berkeley and for the city, and actually for the university as well, to try to come up with a better plan.”

Moncharsh noted that campus’s EIR appeared “hurried,” adding that the normal process, which involves creating an EIR for an LRDP and then proposing development projects, was abridged, with campus instead proposing its LRDP and projects at the same time.

The Board of Regents issued a “statement of overriding considerations,” which provides reasoning for why a project’s environmental impacts might be overlooked in light of economic, social, technological or other benefits.

“That document is only used when you’ve got a negative impact you really can’t correct, and you didn’t have any feasible alternatives — not for this,” Moncharsh said…(more)

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