Save California Solar Launches TV, Cable and Radio Broadcast Ads

By 6Park News : 6parkexcerpt

SACRAMENTO, California, October 27, 2021 / PRNewswire / –The Save California Solar coalition launched a new publicity effort this week, including broadcast TV, cable and radio spots, calling on Governor Newsom and the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) to reject a utility profit taking. Investor-owned and instead keep rooftop solar growing. and affordable in California.

The announcements come as the CPUC considers changes to “net energy metering,” the state policy that makes rooftop solar more affordable for consumers of all kinds by compensating them for the excess energy they produce and share with his neighbors. Net metering is currently used by 1.3 million consumers, including thousands of public schools, churches, and affordable housing developments, and it is the primary driver of Of California world-renowned rooftop solar market. As a result of the net measurement, working-class and middle-class neighborhoods they are just under half of the rooftop solar market and the fastest growing segment today…

About Save California Solar

Save California Solar is a coalition founded by the Solar Rights Alliance, Of California Solar Power Users Association, to help ensure rooftop solar continues to grow and benefit all Californians. Learn more at

Join the effort to protect rooftop solar in California:
Join the effort to return the power to the voters by supporting the state ballot initiative to return local control over land use and zoning:
JoIn efforts to re-open the streets:

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