Land Use Matters: December 2021

By Andrea S. Warren, Kathleen A. Hill : Alston and Bird : alston – excerpt
(Includes a downloadable pdf)

Los Angeles Department of City PlanningNew City Planning Application Fees Take Effect on December 27, 2021

California Environmental Quality Act & Land Use Cases:…

Farmland Protection Alliance v. County of Yolo (3rd App. Dist., November 2021)

Save Berkeley’s Neighborhoods v. Regents of University of California (1st App. Dist., October 2021)

McCann v. City of San Diego (4th App. Dist., October 2021)

Protect Tustin Ranch v. City of Tustin (4th App. Dist., September 2021)

California Renters Legal Advocacy & Education Fund v. City of San Mateo (1st App. Dist., September 2021)


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