Nothing affordable about early SB 9 plan

Opinion By Marty Klein : mercurynews – excerpt

While we all agree that more a ordable housing around the Bay Area would

be good, SB 9 is the state’s nu- clear bomb on local communi- ties trying to control their own zoning and neighborhoods.

The article about archi-
tect Randy Popp’s applica-
tion for a permit to transform a Palo Alto residential lot into a 6,000-square-foot mansion, an auxiliary unit and two large 3,800-square-foot homes says it all (“Lot-split housing requests trickle in,” Page A1, Jan. 10).

The new homes will appar- ently sell for around $5 mil- lion each. Popp — who will
bill over $100,000 on the proj- ect — ridiculously says these mansions will help our hous- ing-starved region: “Individual drops eventually ll a bucket.”

Yes, SB 9 reveals that devel- opers are really civic-minded people who will help relieve our terrible shortage of $5 mil- lion homes. Mr. Popp, who do you think you’re fooling?

— Marty Klein, Palo Alto

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