Big changes on the horizon for California net metering for 2022

By Ben Zientara : solarreviews – excerpt

Net energy metering (NEM) – the utility billing arrangement under which solar owners earn credit for energy they send to the grid during the day and then use that credit to offset energy they draw from the grid when the sun isn’t shining – has been the law of the land in some form or another in California since 1995. The longstanding program is now up for review and the changes could affect the viability of future solar projects throughout the state.

The matter of the so-called “successor” to net metering is now being considered by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), with comments and input from groups representing every conceivable interest, including utility companies, ratepayer advocates, the solar industry, and even AARP. The results of the CPUC decision will have a huge impact on the solar industry in California and anyone who wants to install solar panels on their home…

A very brief history of California net metering(more)

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