Peskin Shoots Down Measure to Speed Development of Middle-Class Housing

By Mike Ege : sfstandard – excerpt

Mayor London Breed’s proposal to streamline certain housing construction through a City Charter amendment put to voters this summer was killed Wednesday in an unusual decision by the Rules Committee.

The Affordable Housing Now charter amendment would have expedited the city’s approval process for certain housing projects which add on 15% more affordable units, as well as 100% affordable projects. The affordable units would also be price-adjusted for households of up to 140% of median income, essentially creating a new category of affordable housing for families with higher incomes. Developers would have had to commit to paying prevailing wage as well as other labor concessions.

After a contentious session which featured close to an hour of public comment, mostly from affordable housing and preservation activists opposed to the measure, the committee uncharacteristically moved to accept minor amendments to the item before tabling it by a 2-1 vote. Committee chair Aaron Peskin and Supervisor Connie Chan voted to block the ballot measure, while Supervisor Rafael Mandelman opposed their decision…(more)

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