SFPUC’s Self-serving Bureaucrats

By Brian Browne : westsideobserver – excerpt

As crooked as a dog’s hind legs?

The narrative. That is the story or interpretation of events as told by a source. One source tells us that our bureaucratic establishment knows what is best for us and should be trusted regardless of the mandating prose. My narrative about government bureaucrats and committee appointees might be summed up as incompetent, answering to unseen self-serving puppet masters, and often more crooked than a dog’s hind legs.

Law enforcement agencies have identified numerous folks that have broken the law and offended the public well-being for their selfish gains. But what about the incestuous and self-serving manipulation of voter-approved committees – who have sworn to uphold the law and independently protect the public coffers – but in reality have deliberately ignored their responsibilities to often go in a 180 degree opposite to law and an anti-public good direction by allowing the regulated to manipulate the regulators for their objectives. I have exhausted myself in identifying (See: The regulatory morass of the City and County) this malaise (hijacking) with the Revenue Bond Oversight Committee (RBOC) overseeing multi-billions in acquired debt to be repaid through special taxes (rates). Water off a duck’s back. I challenge the local, state, and federal legal entities to subject this multi-billion seeming deception that arbitrarily interpreted “independent oversight” to mean “dependent self-serving oversight.” When in U.S. law was it ever acceptable for the regulated (SFPUC/CCSF) to control the voter-approved regulators (RBOC)? This is contrary to the concept of a public utility. Public meaning exactly that – not just political operatives, not special interest groups, and not overpaid and woefully under-skilled bureaucrats.

The solution – have the appropriate legal entities objectively investigate and remove from office (regardless of title or political connections) all who dishonored the mandated dichotomy between a regulator and the regulated. There must also be accountability. There are no free lunches, not even in San Francisco…(more)

There are a lot of stories flying around about the corrupt SF Family, but, few describe a cure for the problem that has a reasonable objective of removing the bad apples a the level required to see any improvement. This one does. If we follow the money down and as well as up the ladder we will get rid of a lot of people who accepted jobs they were not qualified for in exchange for doing what they were told without much knowledge or ability to judge the meaning of those demands. In this case, incompetence should not be tolerated or excused. We need qualified people taking the positions in order to fix the problems.

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