S.F. usually has good air quality. So why are sensors detecting such high pollution in this one area?

Story by Yoohyun Jung and Danielle Echeverria : sfchronical special – excerpt

Surrounded by water, with relatively little industrial pollution, San Francisco enjoys good air quality for most of the year.  But not all parts of San Francisco experience the same air quality. The Chronicle’s analysis of low-cost air sensor data shows one unlikely part of San Francisco sticking out like a sore thumb

PurpleAir sensors in the Outer Sunset neighborhood, near Ocean Beach and the Upper Great Highway, where many people go for a breath of fresh air, consistently pick up high levels of particulate matter 2.5 — tiny inhalable particles that can cause serious health problems. 

The area doesn’t have obvious pollution sources, such as oil refineries. Traffic, which many point to as the area’s primary pollution source, isn’t actually much worse there than other parts of the city…(more)

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