With More Enforcement Power Than Ever, State Relies on Housing Activists To Enforce Duplex Law

By Manuela Tobias at CalMatters, Sarah Wright :sfstandard – excerpt

The passage of 2021’s Senate Bill 9 was supposed to herald the end of the single-family zoning that many point to as a culprit of California’s housing crisis. But four months into the new era, little has changed, and the scant enforcement of the law has come about largely because of pro-housing activists.

The new law, which allows duplexes and split lots on land previously marked as single-family only, has been met with stiff resistance by cities across the state that have passed ordinances effectively — but not directly — blocking the law in their area…

San Francisco officials have been focused on passing fourplex legislation using SB 9, which would allow up to four units on single-family lots and six units on corner lots. But the most popular proposal on the table would continue to require discretionary approval, stymieing SB 9’s most powerful asset—that it allows lot splits and add-ons without needing project-by-project Planning Commission approvals.

According to data obtained by The Standard, the San Francisco Planning Department has so far received 10 applications for projects that seek to use SB 9, but only one includes a lot split…(more)

So, there is not a huge demand to split lots in San Francisco. Maybe that is based on the fact that the law does not help small property owners with a lease. Only those who can pay off their current loan can even apply for a lot split.

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