Scientists make ‘miracle material’ breakthrough to revolutionise solar power

By Anthony Cuthbertson : msn – excerpt

Scientists have discovered a way to make ultra-efficient solar cells on a commercial scale using the “miracle material” perovskite.

A team from the City University of Hong Kong (CityU) and Imperial College London made the discovery in a breakthrough that could have major implications for renewable energy production and reaching zero carbon objectives.

Perovskite has been hailed for its remarkable properties compared to tradtional silicon solar cells, however until now they have been too unstable to be suitable for commercial use.

The next-generation cells are expected to cost less, have a much higher power conversion efficiency, and be lightweight and flexible – opening up new applications like coating glass windows with thin layers of transparent solar panels…

The researchers have patented the design, which was described in a paper published in the journal Science on Thursday…(more)

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