These SLO County towns must halt new development due to lack of water, state agency says

By Mackenzie Shuman : yahoo – excerpt

The California Coastal Commission wants San Luis Obispo County to immediately halt all new water-using development, including housing, in Los Osos and Cambria.

That’s according to two letters written by Central Coast District Director Dan Carl and sent to the county Planning and Building Department on April 19.

The Coastal Commission also sent a letter on the same day to the Cambria Community Services District (CCSD) notifying that it had violated the California Coastal Act over more than three decades due to its water extractions from wells in the San Simeon and Santa Rosa creek aquifers, and requests the locality retract its water service agreements at several properties.

Central in the Coastal Commission’s letters is its concerns that the two small, coastal San Luis Obispo County communities simply do not have a sustainable water supply for existing or new development…(more)

This is going to be a big deal soon as water restrictions go into effect in other cities around the state. This should be a big notice to planners all over the state, that you can’t promise a reasonable life to millions more people until you back the promise with the necessary

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