Governor Newsom: Don’t Tax the Solar

By Sue Vaughan : burningplanet – excerpt

There are two major downsides to capitalism. One, in capitalism there are winners and there are losers. And two, the end product of capitalism is an unlivable planet.

One year ago, Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez. D-San Diego, got very confused about who the winners and losers in the energy industry are, and tried to take on a new “enemy” — the California rooftop solar industry…

Gonzalez sponsored AB 1139, a bill that would have decreased the amount that people with rooftop solar would be paid for the energy they pump into the grid and increased the amount they would have been charged for monthly grid maintenance…

According to Dave Rosenfeld, executive director of the Solar Rights Alliance, the average time it currently takes consumers who purchase rooftop solar systems to pay off the installation is six to eight years in California. Consumers who opt for “power purchase agreements” (PPAs) permit solar installation companies to install solar on their rooftops – and they then purchase the electricity generated from the solar installation company…(more)

On June 21, 2022 the longest day of the year, the Solar Rights Alliance is encouraging people to call Governor Gavin Newsom, (916) 445-2841, with this message:

“California solar rooftop systems are the solution to a cleaner more reliable energy system. Do not alter the net metering rates for rooftop solar systems or increase fees for hookups to the energy grid system.”

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