California HCD

California Housing and Community Development:

California state legislators are trying to take authority from our local communities while complaining about the federal government usurping their power. Voters are fed up with the new land gold rush and building mania. Faith in tech is fading fast.

California HCD is heavily involved in Scott Wiener’s YIMBY bills that are attempting to take over local government jurisdiction where Land Use and Zoning decisions are concerned, forcing unlimited growth everywhere in the state whether the citizens want it or not. So far they are gathering data on cities to determine how well they are fulfilling their development obligations under SB 35.

Scott’s bills are setting cities up for YIMBY lawsuits. See the links below for further details on how the HCD operates and learn what to expect if SB 827 and 828 pass. Join the fight against the YIMBY legislation or get ready to be sued by YIMBY.

The Press page has a list of lawsuits that made the media so far:

Here’s a list of the cities for streamlining:

Here’s the way it was decided to choose who would have to do xyz:

Here’s a map of the cities for streamlining: