We stopped SB 827

The Skyline of Up-Zoned California Neighborhoods as envisioned by YIMBY state laws such as SB 50

If this future does not look rosy to you, you may want to join the state-wide effort to take back control of our cities and neighborhoods. There ways you can protect your homes and neighborhoods:

To get to our SB50 impact map go to sb50.org

Videos from the SB 827 and Beyond forum

Let the State Senators in the Transportation and Housing Committee know how you feel about SB 827 and 828, as both will be heard on April 24th, and may be voted on, even though SB 827 did not pass last week, Wiener is pressuring the no votes and abstentions to change their votes.

Senate Transportation and Housing Committee:

Chair Senator Beall:  senator.beall@senate.ca.gov
Vice Chair Senator Cannella:  senator.cannella@senate.ca.gov

Sign the petition: Stop SB 827 

Videos from the SB 827 and Beyond forum

Saturday, April 28, 10 AM
100 Larkin St, SF Main Library, Koret Auditorium
SB 827 and Beyond: The Coalition for San Francisco Neighborhoods will sponsor a forum on the Scott Wiener legislation that is shaking up the state of California.  This will be a great opportunity to learn the real facts behind SB 827 and other controversial attempts to change the way California cities are developed. Find out why people want to protect the local planning process now controlled by our local communities. Speakers: Art Agnos, Former SF Mayor; Zelda Bronstein, Former Berkeley Planning Commissioner; Calvin Welsh, Affordable Housing Advocate; Sophie Maxwell, Former SF Supervisor. Co-sponsors include: West of Twin Peaks Council, Noe Neighborhoods Council, SF Neighborhood Network, Van Ness Corridor Neighborhoods, Stand Up For San Francisco, Livable California. Please come and bring your friends! RSVP.

UPDATED March 20, 2018:

Percentage of units that are rent controlled by neighborhood. | Map: SFSU with 2017 data from SF Planning

Planning Department Analysis of latest Amendments, posted on hoodline

SF Planning remains concerned that tying development to existing transit corridors could create future difficulties, as “bus routes can change over time, as well as increase or decrease service levels.”…

The Land Use Committee of the Board of Supervisors on March 12th amended District 3 Supervisor Aaron Peskin’s resolution that initially opposed SB 827. The version passed by committee urges further amendments to the bill to “protect San Francisco’s sovereign charter authority.”

“Local planning laws and regulations have proven critical and effective in protecting vulnerable communities of concern from the escalating impacts of gentrification, displacement, and speculation,” according to the resolution expected to be considered by the full Board next month.

SF Planning Report Raises Concerns Over Housing-Transit Bill

Displacement follows gentrification. YIMBYs claimed “parking is not a right, it is a privilege. Now they say, “if you can’t afford to live in your city you don’t deserve to stay.” What will they take next? According to the Bay Area Plan, 40% of the current residents will be displaced by the Transit Rich density plan. Do you feel lucky? The housing lottery is next. Removing parking was the first step to removing you.

Look at who Supports this bill? Big Tech Money, Developers, Banks, Construction Industry, Wealthy Corporate Land Owners, speculators, and YIMBYs are the major pushers for more housing. If a unicorn can’t make their app pay, they can invest in real estate to keep afloat. Who is buying into this market? Where is the cash coming from?

We are full and the labor market is saturated: We have finally heard from reliable sources that there is a labor shortage due to the lack of skilled workers. We cannot build without skilled workers and no amount of state mandates will produce that labor overnight. Higher priced steel and aluminum and other materials will have a greater impact on costs as well.

SF Planning Department Analysis of Amended Version of SB 827 : 
More amendments are being suggested by some SF Survisors, but, “You can’t put lipstick on a Pig.” Amendments cannot fix a bill that removes jurisdiction over local development decisions from the people and local level planners. That is what SB 827 does. It transfers power from local governments to the state. Given the federal power reach into state affairs, how is centralizing power a good idea for a Democratic society?
A Rebuttal to Senate Bill 827 Amendments

State power Grab: We need to stop this dangerous shift in power away from the people to the states. We need to reach out to all the supervisors, county commissioners, Mayors, State Senators and Assemblymembers to let them know how we feel about this bill and others that preempt local government powers. Sample opposition letter

Opposing SB 827: In San Francisco, Aaron Peskin has a resolution opposing Senator Wiener’s SB 827, which he brought to the Land Use and Transportation Committee for public comment on the bill. There was overwhelming opposition to the bill. A link to that hearing is here: http://sanfrancisco.granicus.com/MediaPlayer.php?view_id=177&clip_id=29990

Actions against SB 827:

NO to SB 827 & SB 828! Stop Top-Down Planning & Unsustainable High-Density Housing Growth!. Sign the petition: Stop SB 827 

Thursday, March 15, 1 PM – Demonstration against SB 827 at the West Portal tunnel entrance, where Supervisor Kim is expected to speak.

Thursday, March 15, 1 PM  agenda
Room 400 City Hall Planning Commission Meeting
Item 10. 180162  Presentation on the Resolution opposing California Senate Bill 827, (Wiener) – Transit-Rich Housing Bonus.  People who object to this ordinance are encouraged to let the Planning Commissioners know by sending letter and emails.

Senate Bll 827 Raises Height Limits throughout SF
Map of the SF areas that will be up-zoned by SB 827.


(Map from SF Planning)

Local governments in Marin weigh in on SB 827

Map of effected areas in the LA area

Comments from Dick Platkin, a former Los Angeles city planner who reports on local city planning controversies for CityWatchLA.

Forum on KQED March 15, 201810 AM: A new bill proposed by state Senator Scott Weiner would override city zoning restrictions to encourage housing development near transit hubs. Proponents of SB 827 say it will mitigate California’s housing crisis and offset sprawl, while those opposed to the bill argue it will fuel displacement and relinquish local authority to the state. As city councils across the Bay Area convene to discuss the bill this week, we speak with experts about its potential impact.

Next in Line is SB 828: that would change the requirement levels for all who have met the current ones, forcing higher density everywhere.

SB-828 as amended 3/14/2018: http://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/billCompareClient.xhtml?bill_id=201720180SB828

Prior version link: http://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/billVersionsCompareClient.xhtml?bill_id=201720180SB828

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