Cortese List Data Resources

The EPA has a list of known toxic sites based on historical use . This is a good place to start investigating the condition and mitigation measures suggested for those site prior to development on them.

  • PLEASE NOTE: This list contains many Cease and Desist Orders and Cleanup and Abatement Orders that do NOT concern the discharge of wastes that are hazardous materials. Many of the listed orders concern, as examples, discharges of domestic sewage, food processing wastes, or sediment that do not contain hazardous materials, but the Water Boards’ database does not distinguish between these types of orders. If there is a question about whether a specific order concerns the discharge of wastes that are hazardous materials, please contact the applicable Regional Water Board.
  • List of hazardous waste facilities subject to corrective action pursuant to Section 25187.5 of the Health and Safety Code, identified by DTSC.

For more information regarding the “Cortese List” statute, go to Background and History.

My turn: Don’t blame environmental law for California’s housing crisis

By Ashley Werner : calmatters – excerpt

California is facing a housing crisis of unprecedented proportions. Lower-income residents across the state must choose whether to pay for rent or food. People who can’t cover housing costs are forced to leave their homes, their neighborhoods and even the state.

But as legislators resume discussions regarding policy solutions, we must be clear: California’s environmental regulations did not cause the housing crisis and eviscerating the California Environmental Quality Act would harm disadvantaged communities.

Some developers claim the California Environmental Quality Act is a major factor behind the state’s unmet housing needs. But multiple studies have shown this act, a bedrock of California environmental law, plays a limited role in determining whether and where housing is built…

These policies would move us closer to ensuring all Californians have an affordable, decent quality home. We can and must address the housing crisis without sacrificing California’s core environmental protections.

Ashley Werner is a senior attorney for the Leadership Counsel for Justice and Accountability in Fresno, She wrote this commentary for CALmatters... (more)

Suspect Hunters Point shipyard contractor did similar work at Treasure Island

Corporate managers accused of directing an extensive fraud in the cleanup of San Francisco’s toxic shipyard led similar projects at nearby Treasure Island — work that apparently has never been rechecked since fraud at the shipyard was discovered, even as a $5 billion real estate development on the island speeds ahead.

Tetra Tech EC, a subsidiary of the government contracting giant Tetra Tech Inc., is being sued for fraud by whistle-blowers and the Department of Justice. Federal prosecutors say the firm cut corners and falsified radiation tests while serving as a cleanup contractor at the former Hunters Point Naval Shipyard, a mothballed naval base tainted with radioactive substances that last for thousands of years and can cause cancer… (more)

Treasure Island not only is a superfund site tied to the clean-up scandals at Hunters Point, the island has a rash of complaints of health problems and power outages. Not the island paradise it is being sold as.

When we say there is a lack of talented labor we are not kidding. What else explains the new contract awarded Tetra Tech to clean up the Camp Fire sites? There are not a lot of contractors who can pretend to do the job.

Frequent power outages leave Treasure Island residents out in the cold


FBI wiretap hints at Shipyard bid-rigging scheme as trial begins for indicted contractors

By Michael Barba : sfexaminer – excerpt

New transcripts of a phone call the FBI wiretapped during an investigation into San Francisco political corruption reveal an alleged bid-rigging scheme involving a contract for the development of the Hunters Point Shipyard.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office filed excerpts of the transcripts last week as new evidence in the fraud trial of Peter McKean and Clifton Burch, two local contractors who were among the many caught in the sweeping FBI investigation into Chinatown gangster Raymond “Shrimp Boy” Chow…

The trial, which opened in federal court on Monday, alleges that McKean, Burch and group of others conspired to cheat the competitive bidding process for a $5.6 million federal contract in Berkeley. Both contractors deny that any bid-rigging occured… (more)

Bay Briefing: Camp Fire cleanup contract goes to firm at center of Superfund scandal

By Taylor Kate Brown : sfchronicle – excerpt

It’s the biggest contract CalRecycle has ever awarded — up to $250 million for “debris management,” the clean-up and removal of hazardous waste from the town of Paradise and nearby areas after the devastating Camp Fire.

And it’s gone to Tetra Tech Inc., a company at the center of San Francisco’s Superfund scandal. The environmental engineering firm was caught falsifying soil tests and is being sued by the U.S. Justice Department, whistle-blowers and homeowners.

As reporters Jason Fagone, Cynthia Dizikes and Kurtis Alexander wrote, the Camp Fire contract has raised concerns among environmental groups and the office of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi… (more)


Report: Navy using outdated standards in cleanup at Hunters Point Shipyard

By Laura Waxmann : sfexaminer – excerpt

Cleanup standards used by the Navy in the radioactive remediation at the Hunters Point Shipyard over the past decade were outdated and far less protective than current standards required by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, according to a new report released Tuesday.

The report is the third in a series of independent projects examining the shipyard cleanup conducted over a three-year-period by former researchers at the University of California at Santa Cruz, under the nonprofit Committee to Bridge the Gap…

The report also alleges that cleanup levels used by the Navy for contaminated soil were set in 1991 and are “much less protective” than current EPA requirements…(more)


Radioactive object found near homes at Hunters Point shipyard

This Treadwell and Rollo map may help you keep track of the parcels. A radioactive piece of metal was found on the top of the hill about a foot underground on Parcel A near an area that was declared safe for housing years ago.

A highly radioactive object has been discovered at the former Hunters Point Naval Shipyard next to a housing area that has been declared safe and free of radioactive contamination for more than a decade, The Chronicle has learned.

The finding is the latest problem at San Francisco’s most ambitious redevelopment project in a century — an effort to transform a 500-acre Superfund waste site into a bustling waterfront neighborhood of 12,000 homes.

The object — a radium deck marker about the size of a silver dollar, 1½ inches across — was unearthed Tuesday on a grassy slope beneath a stretch of newly built condos, less than a foot below ground. The state health department revealed the information Thursday in a “Progress Update” letter sent to the shipyard homeowners’ association and obtained by The Chronicle… (more)

Candidates’ ties to Shipyard project, developer at issue in District 10 race

By Laura Waxman : sfexaminer – excerpt

The botched cleanup of the contaminated Hunters Point Shipyard is a sensitive issue in the highly competitive District 10 Board of Supervisors race this November, in which several leading candidates have ties to the project or its developers.

Those conflicts became apparent at a debate Tuesday where debate moderator J.R. Eppler, president of the Potrero Boosters, described the shipyard development and recent revelations of fraud in the cleanup efforts as “the elephant in the room.”… (more)

Some speculate that the real reason the Health Director left was related to this scandal and the notion that her partner benefited from a department contract was a red herring. Who the Bay View believes is responsible for the coverup and who may be most likely to follow through on the cleanup could well tip the D-10 Supervisor race in November. For others there is a YIMBY v NIMBY argument over density and who should pay for the growth of future populations. So far the bills are going to the taxpayers though higher utility bills, gas bills and property taxes.

Watch the debate tapes from the PHDemClub: November 2018 debates and endorsements continue to roll through at the DemClub!  We had another successful, crowded, sparky debate for District 10’s seat on the Board of Supervisors on Tuesday night; if you missed it you can see the video here (part 1 and part 2).

Toxic Relationship: The Fraud at Hunters Point

Ida Mojadad and Laura Waxman : sfexaminer – excerpt (includes maps)

Can the same government regulators who let the fraudulent cleanup go unnoticed be trusted to finish the job?…

Earlier this year, the EPA determined that on six parcels of land, as much as 97 percent of the data produced by Tetra Tech, the Navy contractor spearheading the former shipyard’s toxic cleanup for more than a decade, was so unreliable that the Navy ordered the company to retest it. In May, two former Tetra Tech supervisors were sentenced to federal prison after admitting they swapped out contaminated soil samples for clean ones.

As far back as 2012, whistleblowers have come forward alleging that fraud was rife throughout the shipyard. Still, health officials and regulators insisted that it was safe to work and live on parts of the shipyard that have been evaluated and remediated based on their historical use… (more)

This Treadwell and Rollo map may help you keep track of the parcels.



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