SF Planning Department

These presentations describe the Residential Expansion Threshold Program as it is being developed, to replace the current demolition policies and procedures that Planning states is needed. This is a work in progress and is meant to inform the public on how the project is progressing. This is one of many detailed issues that CSFN and the neighborhood groups are involved in.

Q and A after persentations:

Sign up for notices from the Planning Department on projects in specific areas:
Subscription page to view our larger selection of notices at http://signup.sfplanning.org. The only information required is your email address or mobile phone number, and you can change your subscription or cancel this service at any time. We appreciate any update information. If you discover new links etc. let us know.

SF Permitting Process (as of June 2011)

SF Planning Code provisions for Discretionary Review, Conditional Use and Priority Findings

Application for Conditional Use Application

Discretionary Review Application

Discretionary Review Fee Waiver

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