Bright Lights Not a Significant Impact; Lack of Parking May Be

Bright Lights Not a Significant Impact; Lack of Parking May Be

Article By Claudia Gutierrez : – excerpt

In Taxpayers for Accountable School Bond Spending v. San Diego Unified School District (2013) __ Cal.App.4th __ (Case No. D060999) the Court of Appeal for the 4th District held that the San Diego Unified School District (the “District”) must prepare an environmental impact report (“EIR”) on installation of new stadium field lighting and other improvements at Hoover High School to permit nighttime events because there was a fair argument that impacts on neighborhood parking could be significant. The court specifically declined to follow earlier case law to the contrary. The court also held that the District was prohibited from using proceeds of a school bond other than for the purposes specifically listed…
The court found that the District’s traffic and parking analysis on which the Mitigated Negative Declaration was based was flawed… Because the District failed to provide a reasonable estimate of expected attendance at future events, the parking and traffic analysis was speculative…
The court reasoned that the same principles that govern the construction of a statute applies when interpreting a voter initiative… (more)

One Bay Area Plan to exempt developers from CEQA, decrease local jobs; toll roads everywhere

One Bay Area Plan to exempt developers from CEQA, decrease local jobs; toll roads everywhere

by Pam Farly: halfwaytoconcord – excerpt

June 20, a group of citizens concerned about private property rights attended the One Bay Area Environmental Impact Report (EIR) Meeting in Oakland. They learned that the One Bay Area Plan to institute sustainable development and smart growth in the Bay Area will exclude developers who agree to build TPP’s (Transit Priority Projects) from CEQA (California Environmental Quality Act) requirements! The plan also calls for policies that decrease local jobs and creates toll roads everywhere.

What is CEQA?
A statute that requires state and local agencies to identify the significant environmental impacts of their actions.

What is a TPP?
The development of living areas where the minimum housing density is 20 units per acre, and within a half mile of a major transit stop.

So– The One Bay Area Plan to improve air quality, transportation and housing will exempt builders from going through an environmental process that One Bay Area Planners claim is needed to keep the Bay Area from turning into an overcrowded, unlivable region. The One Bay Area Plan has been sold as a necessity to stop the environmental destruction of the Bay Area and create a sustainable and smarter Bay Area… (more)

California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) threatened in San Francisco

California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) threatened in San Francisco

by KPFA Evening News, 05.18.2013 – excerpt

California’s most important environmental law, the California Environmental Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), is under attack, and activists are trying to make sure the act will still hold sway in San Francisco. CEQA requires corporations and landholders to provide public information about potential environmental impacts of their projects in advance. A statewide coalition recently blocked attempts to weaken CEQA at the state level, but now San Francisco Supervisor Scott Wiener has proposed to weaken CEQA locally. Supervisor Jane Kim has proposed competing legislation which is more CEQA friendly… (more, including audio)

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