Fashion Innovation to Tackle Climate Change

By Teresa Madaleno : madalenomagazine – excerpt

When we break down the basic supply chain of a garment, we have to consider crop production, fiber production, clothing production, and distribution. To bring seed to life requires machinery that is fueled in order to operate, to make fibers, spinning and chemical processing is needed, and garment making calls for power for factories, machines, temperature controls, lighting, and office equipment. As for distribution – freight transportation, which requires fuel power, is expected to triple by 2040.

The good news… more innovators are stepping forward to disrupt traditional processes in the fashion industry to help create a more circular, environmental system. A circular system is designed to eliminate waste and pollution, keep products and materials in use, as well as regenerate natural systems.

Here are some innovators you should take a look at:

  • The French company Fairbrics has created carbon-negative synthetic fiber. They sequester and convert carbon dioxide into polyester pellets to make textiles. This sustainable alternative to traditional fabrics still looks and feels just like virgin polyester.
  • tentree is a Vancouver based corporation that sells activewear that is produced from various blends of sustainable textiles. The company plants ten trees for every piece of clothing that is purchased, hence the name.
  • Established in Portland, Oregon, Pact has started to develop a hold in the fashion space. Pact is known for using eco-friendly organic cotton. The production of organic cotton eliminates the need for harsh chemicals and is a soft, comfortable fabric. Organic cotton uses over 90 percent less water than traditional cotton production.
  • Dresst is a Toronto clothing rental business that makes it possible for you to always dress in something new but not be a contributor to what has become our throw-away society. Dresst sources high quality, on-trend fashions. They rent outfits at affordable prices.
  • The NYC-based brand Rag & Bone oozes cool. I had to include them not only because I love New York City, but because Rag & Bone is hip in so many ways. The company marries British style with modern design. The staff makes clothing for women and men. They have a denim recycling program, so you can take in an old pair of jeans and they will turn them into a new pair. How neat is that? Aside from having their own website, Rag & Bone is available on Amazon.
  • Yoga Jeans is a Quebec company that specializes in designing and producing comfy, form-fitting jeans in a sustainable way, including the use of BCI cotton, and water conservation practices.

There are many other great fashion innovators in terms of protecting the environment, but I hope this list of options inspires you to consider sustainable brands and do your own search to find that perfect eco-fit… (more)


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