Google plans to add tens of thousands of new jobs as it expands in 14 states

Edward C. Baig : usatoday – excerpt

Want a job at Google?

Google plans to hire tens of thousands of employees across the U.S. this year, through investments in new data centers and offices. CEO Sundar Pichai announced Google’s plans in a blog post Wednesday.

According to Pichai, Google’s investment of more than $13 billion in 2019 will lead to major expansion in 14 states and also create more than 10,000 new construction jobs in Nebraska, Nevada, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas and Virginia.

“These new investments will give us the capacity to hire tens of thousands of employees, and enable the creation of more than 10,000 new construction jobs,” he posted… (more)

Good news for the over-saturated cities in SF Bay who have had to take all the growing pains of rapidly (or is that rabidly) expanding tech firms. Good idea for them to grow elsewhere for a while.

San Francisco tech shuttle pilot program clears road block appeal

San Francisco tech shuttle pilot program clears road block appeal

By Nick Statt : cnet – excerpt

The controversial “Google bus” pilot program will go ahead without the environmental review opponents appealed for, but now the tech industry backlash undercurrents at play may only intensify…

SAN FRANCISCO — The tech bus pilot program that would charge companies such as Google and Apple a fee for using municipal transit stops to shuttle workers down to Silicon Valley survived a heated attempt to stall its implementation Tuesday. After a nearly seven-hour public hearing, the appeal that would have thrown it back for environmental review was knocked down by a San Francisco Board of Supervisors ruling…

“Before we write those rules, we should know what we’re writing,” said appellant attorney Richard Drury. “That’s what CEQA tells us. When SFMTA wants to reroute its Muni buses, it does a CEQA and figures out where its route should be.” Ultimately, Drury’s arguments, and many others’, were to no avail… (more)

Many voters are fed up with the SFMTA and ready to take matters to the polls. If you have a beef with SFTMA let the city officials know. Sign the petition to Stop SFMTA. All your comments go directly to the recipients.



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