Tech Workers Consider Escaping Silicon Valley’s Sky-High Rents

By Sarah Frier : bloomberg – excerpt

After major companies announce their employees won’t need to come in, many are recalculating the cost of living near the office…

Both Facebook and Google have announced that most people won’t need to come in this year, and Twitter Inc. has told some workers that if they wish to work from home permanently, they can. Employees are now considering the thousands of dollars they could save living somewhere else—maybe even permanently. Urban parents of young children suddenly find themselves coveting backyards and playrooms in larger homes that would be affordable on a tech salary pretty much anywhere except the Bay Area..

BOTTOM LINE – The pandemic is leading many tech employees to consider working from home permanently, so they can escape California’s sky-high rents for less expensive digs elsewhere….(more)

LA’s Parallel Universes are on a Collision Course

By Dick Platkin : citywatch – excerpt

PLATKIN ON PLANNING – The universe that Angelinos live in. If you live, work, or visit Los Angeles, you have undoubtedly witnessed the following, and can add other categories of your own: 

  • The rents are too damn high.
  • Climate change has arrived.
  • Infrastructure is failing.
  • Traffic congestion is getting worse.

The universe that the Density Hawks – and their progeny — have in mind for you.

If you’re are active in local neighborhood groups, such as Neighborhood Councils, Homeowner Associations, of block clubs, then you know that Los Angeles is the midst of a City Hall-supported real estate bubble, also spun as a boom…

(Dick Platkin is a former Los Angeles city planner who reports on local planning controversies for City Watch. Please send any questions or corrections to Prepped for CityWatch by Linda Abrams… (more)

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