CASA Compact – History for people who missed it

Sometimes it helps to review history in order to understand how we got here. The video clip from Rosa Koire from Santa Rosa.

Savemarinwood reminds us of the history of Plan Bay Area: Six years ago, we had our first “One Bay Area” workshops and near riots broke out. The first people to object were a mix of housing activist and Tea Party groups espousing exotic conspiracy theories. Many dismissed them but they did shine a light on the huge injustice about to be imposed upon the people of the Bay Area. Others got involved. In Marin, long a bastion of environmentalism and intentional growth understood immediately, that this “One Bay Area” plan was nothing but a smoke screen for developers and the destruction of communities. While none of the scenes in Marin were nearly this extreme, Plan Bay Area has awaken a sleeping giant and today, “The CASA COMPACT” is the full realization of the dream legislation. If implemented, it will be the biggest takeover of local government in the history of the United States since the Civil War. We expect Marc Levine, Assemblyman, Mike McGuire, State Senator, and our local politicians to back our sovereignty (more)

Sometimes we need to review the history to see how we got here. This is a good place to start. Labels like tea party and NIMBY are applied early in order to discredit people. As we now know, social media is a weapon, used by all sides, but the cannot be ignored.

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