Marin supervisors push back against huge state housing mandate

By  : marinij – excerpt
Only Mill Valley, Corte Madera built enough during last 8 years to be exempt
Marin supervisors said this week they are gravely concerned about a looming state mandate to build over 14,000 new housing units throughout the county between 2022 and 2030.

“Marin County recognizes the need for more affordable housing. We are pursuing a number of strategies to achieve that goal,” Supervisor Damon Connolly said. “But residents are justified in being alarmed by these numbers that we’re seeing out of the state.

“Marin is not alone,” Connolly said. “Jurisdictions both large and small from around the region are pushing back. Most recently even San Francisco.”

Connolly made his comments after county supervisors were briefed Tuesday about the status of the mandates… (more)

What if the counties said “no thanks, you can keep your transit funds”? What could the state do other than cut off the funds for the public transit systems they are pushing to force more housing development? Would they run less buses, quit building bike lanes, removing traffic lanes and parking if the funds were cut? rick

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