100% Renewable Energy Requirements on new commercial Properties

sfgovtv.org : (ncludes video link to the hearing)

Land Use and Transportation Committee presentation on proposed Ordinance 190708 Environment Code – 100% Renewable Energy Required for On-Site Electricity Demands in Nonresidential Buildings of 50,000 Square Feet or More. (Details)


If you can watch the one public comment at the end of the presentation. Around 14:14.


Every city of Santa Clara County expresses serious concerns on CASA Compact

By Liang-Fang Chao : youtube – excerpt

Video of the Jan 10, 2019 Cities Association of Santa Clara County Board Meeting on CASA compact…

By Larry Klein

At the Jan. 10 board meeting of the Cities Association of Santa Clara County. Every board member (elected city council member repressing a city) expresses serious concerns on CASA Compact.
In the end, it’s revealed that. CASA compact is done. The fake outreach they are doing now have no effect on the progression of CASA Compact at all.
The MTC person only gave very high level description of the 10 element so that a person won’t be able to learn much of anything from her presentation.
Fortunately, all the city council members there have done their homework and asked some pretty pointed questions… (more)

CEQA Year In Review 2014: A Summary Of Published Appellate Opinions And Legislation Under CEQA


by Perkins Coie : jdsupra – excerpt – link to article

Please see Newsletter linked here… (more)

SF CEQA Hearings in March

SF CEQA Hearings in March

The Planning Department has just sent out a notice announcing that
Supervisor Wiener’s CEQA legislation will go before the Planning Commission
on Thursday March 14
, and then before the Historic Preservation Commission
on Wednesday March 20
. It is likely the legislation will then go to the
Board of Supervisors Land Use Committee on Monday March 25, and the full
Board of Supervisors on Tuesday March 26.

Stay tuned for changes in the schedule changes

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