Once more unto the breach: The fate of Prop. C is now wholly in the lawyers’ hands

By : missionlocal – excerpt

Mayor Breed’s gesture aiding Prop. C, the homeless measure she opposed means less than you think. But, also, more.

The election is over. The winners have won, the losers have receded, and, as is the tradition, the losers’ backers will now make donations to the winners. This is how politicos who bet on the wrong horse get their phone calls answered and winning candidates chip away at their debts.

There are, however, some debts that can’t be repaid with mere money…(more)

Election 2018: Local politics in the age of Godzilla

By Joe Eskenazi : missionlocal – excerpt

Godzilla, that stalwart of the man-in-a-dinosaur-costume-stepping-on-toys genre, emerged from the depths of the sea in 1954, and has been featured in 32 sequels. The spectacle of watching an oversize rubber iguana go full Keith Moon on an elaborate, flaming set of obvious papier-mache landscapes populated with dollhouse cities and model trains and cars is its own elevator pitch (hence the sequels)… (more)

As we now know the people power won out over the dark side, if you support the idea of the rich paying to support those people they are displacing. That was sort of the idea behind Prop C. Who knows, some may think twice about coming here to add to the problem. Those fighting for the homeless win either way.

How a tweet turned Prop. C from an underdog to a winner

By Heather Knight : sfchronicle – excerpt

When any seemingly long shot campaign winds up striking it big, observers wonder: What was the secret? The key? That splash of fairy dust that turned the likely loser into a winner?

For Proposition C, the ballot measure to raise taxes on big businesses to fund homeless services that earned a sizable majority Tuesday, the answer lies, at least in part, with a woman with hair streaked pink, a big laugh and a bookshop.

Her name is Christin Evans. For years, the 46-year-old has been entrenched in the Haight, living there and running three neighborhood businesses: the Booksmith, an events space called the Bindery, and a bar and restaurant called the Alembic… (more)


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