Don’t blame CEQA for traffic in Mission Valley.

CEQA Isn’t the Reason You’re Sitting in Traffic in Mission Valley

By Cory Briggs : voiceofsandiego – excerpt

In fact, don’t blame it at all for the bad (or even the good) long-term consequences of development decisions that stem from using the law.

Why not? CEQA doesn’t dictate particular outcomes. CEQA’s primary focus is on disclosing the bad aspects of development decisions. It leaves the ultimate decision-making to public officials.

When a government agency prepares a CEQA document, the goal is to give the public and the decision-makers a reasonably complete forecast of the proposal’s environmental impacts, a reasonably complete list of measures that will reduce otherwise significant impacts to a level of insignificance and a reasonable range of alternative proposals… (more)

Bright Lights Not a Significant Impact; Lack of Parking May Be

Bright Lights Not a Significant Impact; Lack of Parking May Be

Article By Claudia Gutierrez : – excerpt

In Taxpayers for Accountable School Bond Spending v. San Diego Unified School District (2013) __ Cal.App.4th __ (Case No. D060999) the Court of Appeal for the 4th District held that the San Diego Unified School District (the “District”) must prepare an environmental impact report (“EIR”) on installation of new stadium field lighting and other improvements at Hoover High School to permit nighttime events because there was a fair argument that impacts on neighborhood parking could be significant. The court specifically declined to follow earlier case law to the contrary. The court also held that the District was prohibited from using proceeds of a school bond other than for the purposes specifically listed…
The court found that the District’s traffic and parking analysis on which the Mitigated Negative Declaration was based was flawed… Because the District failed to provide a reasonable estimate of expected attendance at future events, the parking and traffic analysis was speculative…
The court reasoned that the same principles that govern the construction of a statute applies when interpreting a voter initiative… (more)

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