Judge Rules Vision Zero Law Unconstitutional as NYPD Increases Its Use

By Aidan Gardiner : dnainfo – excerpt

QUEENS — A key part of the mayor’s landmark pedestrian and bicycle safety initiative that penalizes drivers for hitting people is unconstitutional, a judge ruled Friday.

Queens Supreme Court Justice Gia Morris ruled that Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Vision Zero charge, failure to exercise due care, violates defendants’ right to due process as protected by the United States Constitution — saying the law puts the burden of proof on drivers to show they weren’t driving negligently, which violates their presumption of innocence under the Fifth and Fourteenth amendments… (more)

If you make pedestrians more aware and more careful by letting them know they need to watch out for themselves, you might save more lives and do a better job or protecting them than telling them they have the right of way.

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